The Online Transport Game

In LogiTycoon you will be the owner of a transport company. Buy trucks, trailers and hire employees. Create or join a corporation and work together with other players. Do you have what it takes to make your company the best?

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The Online Transport Game

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Play Together

Communicate & play with others in a corporation.

New updates

We're still improving our game with updates.

Freight Overview

Check the status of every individual freight.

Start your own Transport Company

LogiTycoon challenges you to manage your own transport company. If you deliver your freights in time, you'll earn more money to buy bettter trucks and trailers, but if you don't deliver your freights in time, it will cost you points and your position in the global ranking list will get worse.
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What to do in LogiTycoon?


Plan your Freights

Freight prices change every hour, so you'll have to find the most profitable freights and make sure they're all delivered in time. If you don't, it will cost your company points. So don't leave too many freights in your warehouse.
Plan your Freights
Keep an eye on your Employees

Keep an eye on your Employees

At the beginning you will need Truckers, Warehouse Employees, Managers and Technicians, but when you level up, you can also hire Technical Managers and HR Managers to automate some of your tasks.

Make sure your employees get enough sleep and re-schedule your freights if one of your employees gets sick.

Take care of your Buildings

Take care of your warehouse and garage and upgrade it to accept more freights, hire more employees or buy more trucks and trailers.
Take care of your Buildings
Work together with other players

Work together with other players

Work together with other players in a Corporation. Plan your Projects, accept Special Freights or buy Fuel Stations and Oil Refineries to get your fuel for a lower price.

LogiTycoon on your Mobile Device

LogiTycoon is also available on the iOS App Store & Google Play Store.
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